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Translates C# DTOs into compatible TypeScript classes


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Please notice that while this project acknowledges the idea of Semantic Versioning, it is not really followed until v1.0.0 is released. In other words, as of now the API is a subject to change without any prior notice. Stable API is a part of v1.0.0 requirements, and when it is release, any new releases with breaking changes will affect the major version of the package.


Launch CSharpToTypeScript from console

# from <repoRoot>
dotnet restore

# from ./CSharpToTypeScript.Tests execute
dotnet build
dotnet test

# from ./CSharpToTypeScript execute
dotnet build
dotnet run -- -c ../CSharpToTypeScript.Tests/TestFiles/sample.debug.cfg.json

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Manual maintainance of compatible C# data transfer objects (DTO) and their TypeScript counterparts has always been burdensome. This library is intended to help generating TypeScript enums and classes based on C# type definitions.


List of NuGet packages built from this codebase:



Unit tests are available in CSharpToTypeScript.Tests project.


The code is distributed under the MIT license.

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