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My name is Igor and I’m an SDE. I may or may not be available for hire at the moment.

This résumé is a short summary of my achievements. Please read it and contact me (preferably, via email) if you feel my skills and experience can help your project succeed.

Released projects

Project Status Description
Randvizer (source) Random number sequence visualization tool
Mirror Mirror NuGet MyGet CI Build status GitHub issues Simplifies C# reflection code
ObEq NuGet MyGet CI Build status GitHub issues Provides basic implementation for GetHashCode and Equals methods
Peppermint Peppermint MyGet CI Slowly growing general-purpose syntax sugar library

Projects in Aplha or Beta stage

Project Status Description
CSharpToTypeScript NuGet MyGet CI Build status GitHub issues C# to TypeScript DTO translation library
Magma Magma MyGet CI Helper classes for ASP.NET Core WebApi services
Prosecco Prosecco MyGet CI Syntax sugar for MS SQL Server querying
VS 2015 Code Snippets Early Alpha VS2015 code snippets for project.json, AppVeyor setup, NuGet configuration, xUnit speedup, and so on, and so on
Z MyGet CI Data structures and algorithms; not supposed to be used in production code

Anything else?

Sure! I am supposed to write to my blog from time to time.